Top 5 restaurants to discover the taste of old Belgrade

Are you planning a trip to Belgrade? If so, you’ve made the right choice. This gem of the eastern Europe is getting more and more popular with the tourists, thanks to it non-stop nightlife and affordable prices. If you are visiting Belgrade to hit the clubs, or you’re on a business trip, you SHOULD NOT miss on the great food. Centuries of turbulent history together with the unique crossroad geographical position of the region resulted in the specific mix of cuisines. There’s something for literally everyone. Sure, you can google restaurants on Trip advisor, find hip places, but the authenticity of the city lies with its decades old restaurants. If you’re not afraid of a tablecloth with a few stains older than your last match on Tinder, here’s a list for you:

Stara Hercegovina

Carigradska 36
+381 11  32 45 856

Sure, it’s Old Hercegovina (as in Bosnia and Hercegovina), but the tavern is sooo old Belgrade, that when you mention it to locals, they’ll all have that blessed smile on their faces. Sure, the place does smell like soup and roasted potatoes, but in a good way. It’s famous to its pork knuckle, which you really shouldn’t miss. Smoked grilled ribs are also the way to go in Stara Hercegovina. Do try the cheese in oil, also. All this with some draught beer, of course. If the weather is nice, try getting a table in their garden. Once you finish your meal, you can take a walk through the botanical garden, which is 10 minutes’ walk away.


Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 122
+381 11 2433 048

If you’re there during the winter months, order the winter’s snack – with jellied pork, pickles, mean corn breads, and some old cheese, as an appetizer. For the main thing, we recommend roast. ANY roast. If you’re not so found on the roast, try mućkalica – pork and pepper stew. There’s a great atrium of the restaurant, if you’re like to dine during the warm months.


Cvijićeva 105
+381 011 6762-129

If you happen to be near Kosmaj, here’s the tip: breaded paprika stuffed with cheese, grilled goat cheese, leskovački uštipak (grilled minced meat with cheese, chilies, onion), and ćevapčići (grilled kebab type minced meat) with kajmak (unripened cheese similar to clotted cream). Sour cabbage salad is the bee’s knees during the winter months.


Dečanska 2
+381 11 323 55 14

If you’re in the downtown, and would fancy a hot meal, search no more, go to Mornar (The Sailor). Try the veal soup with some sour cream, roasted paprika salad, and fresh home-made bread. It’ll boost you like a good afternoon nap.


Jelene Mioč 1
+381 11 288 7900

The youngest restaurant on the list. And with the fewest (if at all) stains on the tablecloths. Đerdan deserved its place on the list because of the authentic meals they’re serving. It’s a bit out of the way if you’re roaming the city center, but it’s worth it. The portion sizes are you would not believe it, for pretty reasonable prices. The service is not so old school like in the other listed restaurants (the waiter will probably speak fluent English). I know the pasta menu sounds great, but do not fall into that trap. Đerdan is known for its great meat dishes. I would recommend veal ragout, or a tomato soup to start. Skip the chicken and fish. Go for pork or veal. Steak is always a good idea in this place. Salads are more that decent, but I beg you do not go for salad meal. Šopska salad is a mix of tomato, peppers, onions, cucumber, and grated white cheese on top. It will compliment any meat dish very well. Also, really nice wine card.

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